Strike on 24 April – NOTICE

Due to a possible strike on the 24th April (Monday), called by FESINAP (National Federation of Independent Trade Unions of the Public Administration and Public Purpose Entities), the procedures to be followed in the different schools of this Grouping are disclosed below:

2nd and 3rd Cycles: EB of Aver-o-Mar (Head School)

In the light of the known circumstances, the School may not have the necessary means to function normally, so it will be important to ensure the meal service (in a guaranteed way).

To avoid wasting meals, and if the school does not gather the necessary conditions for normal functioning, and as recommended by the Ministry, the meals orders for Monday will be cancelled at 8.00 am. Students interested in having lunch at the school should book their tickets on the same day, from 8.30 am until 10.15 am, either at the school or via internet through the SIGE portal. Exceptionally there will be no charge.

1st Cycle and Kindergarten

Due to the known circumstances, it may happen that the kindergarten/school does not gather the necessary means to function. As such, and exceptionally on this day, the guardians can only leave their children at school at 9:00 am, confirming at the gate if all conditions for the proper functioning of the school are gathered. In schools with kindergarten that have AAAF (Family Support and Leisure Activities), parents or guardians may only leave their children at the usual time if the conditions for its operation are complied with. In schools with CAF, parents must contact the school at 9am to check if the school is operating normally. If the Kindergarten/School does not fulfil the necessary conditions for its functioning, the children/students will have to be picked up.

 Students with Special Transport (Unit – CAA)

 As an exception, on this day, the transport company can only leave the students at school after checking if it (meaning the Unit) will work. If it does not comply with the conditions for operation, the company will take the students back home. Each parent should consider this possibility and discuss/arrange with the driver what time they expect to return home, if the unit does not work.

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