eTwinning project “Sustainable Schools to Survive Climate Change

As part of the eTwinning project “Sustainable Schools to Survive Climate Change,” schools from Aver-o-Mar, Vila do Conde, Spain, and Turkey have joined forces to raise student awareness about climate change and the urgent need to adopt sustainable practices. This international initiative aims to promote ecological behaviors among young people and equip them to face environmental challenges.

Students engaged in various pedagogical approaches, including brainstorming sessions, research, and the use of digital tools, to create interactive content and write texts in English. Online meetings and collaborative work allowed for the sharing of information about schools, localities, and local products, fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance without prejudice.

The culmination of this joint effort is an e-magazine that compiles the students’ most representative work and was created in collaboration with partners. This final product not only highlights the importance of sustainability but also promotes cultural and ecological exchange among the participating schools.

The e-magazine is available online and stands as an example of comprehensive and collaborative education, focused on sustainability and the formation of conscious and proactive citizens.


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