“Mar Sensorial” IS NOW RUNNING IN AVER-O-MAR: Snoezlen Room opens

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Mar Sensorial” IS NOW RUNNING IN AVER-O-MAR: Snoezlen Room opens


As from today onwards, the Aver-o-Mar School Group will have a new multi-sensory space at the disposal of the community.

Named “Mar sensorial” (Sensory Sea), the new snoezelen room, which was opened today in the presence of several guests, is intended to be a facility open to the community, from students to the elderly, without forgetting the possibility of use by teachers and staff. To this end, an internal training plan will be organised by EMAEI, in conjunction with CFAE, to enable the room’s most direct users to get to know the equipment available and its function, with a view to promoting a plan adjusted to each user of the space, either on their own initiative or at the suggestion of others.

The room which opened today is located at the school and is the result of the efforts of the school and several partnerships, as highlighted by the Headmaster, Carlos Gomes de Sá.


Starting from a space that was refurbished when the school was renovated by the CCR Company, represented at this event by the Communications Director, Dr Patrícia Meira, the first financial boost came from the Quantal company almost two years ago, represented by Dr Carnem Doval. This was followed by participation in a competition, in this case the Bairro Feliz (Happy Neighbourhood) project, which the school group won in the previous school year, and Missão Continente, with the winning students (5th F – 2022/23), together with the class director who was also present at the time (Rute Ribeiro), donating the money for this project. The municipality entered the final phase of the project, supporting this cause, which saw a strong increase in its own income, raised through Erasmus projects associated with Special Education.  Among other collaborations, we highlight the painting of the space by Mr Araújo, reaching a total investment of more than €10,000, so it was an ambitious project and “a lot of will and a lot of battles and initiatives”, as the school Headmaster said.

Sensory stimulation therapy in a snoezelen room was already a reality for some of the Group’s students with autism, through CRI MAPADI, which was also present at the inauguration through its President, António Ramalho. Susete Araújo, coordinator of the EMAEI, and Emília Quintas, who is responsible for Pre-school Education at management level, also addressed the audience, explaining how the space works, and other guests attended the symbolic inauguration ceremony: Dr Andrea Silva, the Municipality’s Councillor for Social Action and head of the Aver-o-Mar Occupational Centre, as well as its coordinators, the President of Estela Parish Council, Vitor Correia, the Director of CFAE, Luís Fernandes, the Director and Deputy Director of AE Dr Flávio Gonçalves, respectively Dr Luísa Gomes and Prof. João Santos. João Santos, and the deputy mayor of Póvoa de Varzim, Dr Luís Diamantino, closed the session. The visit took the opportunity to look at the equipment for visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, and aromatherapy was the subject of several conversations because of the memories it produced.

The Mayor highlighted the ability of the school’s Headmaster to make things happen, who ends up putting several projects at the service of the community, through joint action with his team, teachers and local businesses, mentioning the work that is being done in terms of the immigrant population, while the school is already preparing for its Interculturality Festival at the end of the year and working on the construction of an open-air auditorium to further enhance learning in alternative spaces and make the most of the refurbishment of facilities that took place between 2018/2020.

The cake honouring the moment and the opening sign, the responsibility of teacher Fátima Cunha, who coordinates the Communication Club, will go down in history, and some of the students from this club recorded all the moments for later presentation on the internal video circuit. We also note the presence of students (especially from the Learning Support Centre and their teachers, with the coordinator of the Special Education department, Clara Vilar, also providing the initial training on how to use the various pieces of equipment installed, along with psychologist Susete Araújo), teachers and senior staff from the school, as well as the Technical Coordinator, Ana Cândida Brito, representing all the assistants, who were receptive to the project when the change of facilities took place.

The Aver-o-Mar School Board, which was also present at the session, would like to invite you to visit the space, which could be organised with EMAEI.


Global Action Days 2024

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The GLOBAL ACTION DAYS 2024 activities have come to an end, but our work has NOT!

We must continue in order to help, motivate and inspire others to act in favour of the climate, practising positive actions to anticipate climate change and tackle the climate emergency in which Planet Earth finds itself.

This certificate is a symbol of our commitment to Planet Earth, since through actions practised in this school and shared with the world, we can create positive change and encourage others to join the fight.

This is just the beginning or the continuation of the great environmental action in which we all participate directly or indirectly.

Let’s take this spirit into our homes, into our work, into the community, on the basis that we must never give up and that we are all stronger together.


Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every one of you, students, carers, teachers and non-teaching staff, for all your support and hard work during the Global Action Days campaign.

Eco-Schools Coordinators and Prof Tânia Ramos

Fancy a game?

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Have you noticed that the tables in the covered area under the E Building have changed?

They still allow you to do the activities you’ve been doing up until now, from eating to working, from playing games to chatting, but as from today on they also allow you to play checkers or chess.

In the case of checkers, and starting here, you can collect the pieces (we’re using bottle caps) from any member of staff in the blocks. Then just challenge a colleague, a member of staff or a teacher. One of these days, challenge your mum/dad or another family member to a game!!! You’ll see that it’s time well spent and you’ll develop lots of skills!!! Oh, and give your mobile phone a rest too!

More chessboards will be installed in the next few days, so we need your help to keep them in good condition!


In a second phase, we’ll be making personalised chess pieces on the school’s 3D printers!


If you want to help, then talk to your ITC, Maths or Robotics Club teacher.


To play checkers, you need to follow these rules:

  1. Each player moves one of their pawns (different coloured pieces, per player) forwards and diagonally one square
  2. When a pawn reaches the last row of the board, it becomes a queen or queen (it is signalled by overlapping two pieces).
  3. The queen can move forwards or diagonally, without limiting the number of squares.
  4. The aim of the game is to capture all your opponent’s pieces (when you move over your opponent’s piece [eat it], it is removed from the board).~
  5. The game ends when one player captures all their opponent’s pieces or when their opponent can no longer move their pieces.
  6. In the event of a draw, the game is restarted.
  7. The game is played on a board with 64 squares.
  8. The squares are alternately light and dark. The largest diagonal, black, must be to the left of each player.



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To celebrate World Earth Day, classes 8thC and 8thD at the Head School of Aver-o-Mar School Group were honoured with a visit from the biologist Sofia Domingues, Marketing Director of HIDROVAL, who has worked for several years as a scientific researcher in the field of Biology. The occasion was marked by an inspiring talk entitled “The Water Footprint of Our Society”.

Throughout the lecture, the students had the opportunity to explore the complex relationship between society and water. Dr Sofia highlighted how water plays an essential role in our lives, from growing food to producing everyday consumer goods such as clothes and electronic equipment. The importance of raising awareness about the responsible use of this vital resource was emphasised, leading the students to reflect on ways to reduce their own Water Footprint.

During the presentation, the students were surprised to learn that the average per capita consumption of water is 1385m3 per year, which further raised their awareness of the need to conserve this precious resource.

The biologist Sofia’s visit was an enriching experience for the students, who were actively involved in the discussion and the proposed activities. By better understanding the impact of our actions on the environment, everyone was encouraged to adopt more sustainable and responsible behaviour.

In the end, it was clear that endeavours like this are fundamental to promoting environmental awareness and inspiring a new generation of citizens committed to preserving our planet.


Matilde Salgado in the Finals of the XI Portuguese Language Olympics (Aveiro)

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Matilde Salgado in the Finals of the XI Portuguese Language Olympics (Aveiro)


The Languages department coordinator was delighted to be informed by the XI Portuguese Language Olympics Organising Committee that our school’s 9th grade student Matilde Salgado has qualified for the final phase (3rd phase) at national level, with 190 points!

The XI Portuguese Language Olympics is a joint initiative of the Portuguese Teachers’ Association (APP) with the Directorate-General for Education (DGE), the National Reading Plan (PNL), the Directorate-General for School Administration (DGAE), the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon (FLUL) and the Camões Secondary School (ES Camões), aimed at students in the 3rd cycle of basic education and secondary education. 25 students from schools from Vilamoura to Bragança qualified for the final.

Póvoa de Varzim, through Matilde Salgado, will therefore be represented in the national final, to be held on 17 and 18 May in Aveiro, and is already enrolled!!!

Congratulations to Matilde and to everyone who helps her fly… classmates, teachers, staff, parents and other family members, because we believe that we all share this feeling of satisfaction and honour!

More information: APP – Portuguese Language Olympics


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This was a meeting highlighted by the presence, attitude, interest and respect that, once again, the Parents/Guardians of the students in this school group showed when they took part, on 23 April, at the Head School, with the EMAEI (Multidisciplinary Support Team for Inclusive Education) and the SPO (Psychology and Guidance Service) in promoting and raising awareness of the change that involves students from pre-school education to the 3rd cycle.

EMAEI’s goals are to stimulate and share practices, thoughts and information in order to promote, in a single and specific direction, more and better actions among educational agents, in this particular case, Parents/Guardians. It will be between the school structures and others responsible for the teaching-learning process, in what is known as collaborative work, that the most hoped-for results will be achieved.

So, with a booked room, we tackled some of the issues that most concern parents/SENs, summarising the intervention in one main question – how to deal with children/students in the face of change? Almost all parents/EEs anticipate, along with their children, the embarrassment and discomfort of finding themselves in a different space, with different agents and different models of action. There is also the uncertainty of the decision to be made in the face of choices of schools, subjects, timetables, etc., and in some cases, the lack of legal knowledge of actions, with difficult choices to be made, but which will be their final decision.

The attentive and motivated audience asked questions, clarified doubts, put forward proposals and participated in the suggestive discourse to support work and routines, both at home and at school, embarking on more than an hour of sharing that pleased and enriched the meeting!

A big congratulations to all those who took part and collaborated in making this dynamic a reality, which fosters the rooting and growth of an active, responsible and inclusive school culture

EMAEI and SPO are delighted with this meeting and remain available to continue collaborating with all those involved in the teaching-learning process of each student.

Thank you

History and Geography students celebrate the 50th anniversary of 25 April

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History and Geography students celebrate the 50th anniversary of 25 April


As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, the 2nd cycle students created banners and carnations alluding to the revolution. They showed a great deal of creativity, commitment and dedication, and were concerned with sustainability, using recyclable materials.

The work is on display in the school atrium and prizes have been awarded for the three best “revolution banners” and the three best “revolution carnations”.

Congratulations to the students!

Aver-o-world outer doors: students showcase their countries at the Aver-o-Mar Occupational Centre

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Aver-o-world outer doors: students showcase their countries at the Aver-o-Mar Occupational Centre


The foreign student integration plan at Agrupamento de Escolas de Aver-o-Mar includes, in some cases, introducing their country to their classmates. The activity, supervised by Social Worker Andreia Teixeira, has been much appreciated by the immigrant students’ classmates, providing additional knowledge of cultural, gastronomic and linguistic aspects, as well as being an excellent lever for interpersonal relationships.

As a result of this extremely positive experience, and with the permission of the parents, who have positively registered this rapprochement and involvement of the students with the local community, this initiative moved from the school to the community, with the first session taking place yesterday, 29 April, out of doors! The venue chosen was the Aver-o-Mar Occupational Centre, already a partner in other events, and two students from Aver-o-Mar Primary School came along: Akeelah Augusto Mendes, an 8th grader from Mozambique, and Ritika Mahato, a 6th grader from Nepal.

In addition to a geographical presentation of the countries, supported by maps and images and some iconic places in their native countries, there was also a presentation of cultural and gastronomic aspects, which was a source of great curiosity. The dress worn by Ritika was also a source of attention, allowing the dozens of elderly people present to come into contact with this new reality, as they were surprised by the 25 national costumes.

Many of the users still remember the expression “Namastê”, because this intergenerational meeting also encourages people to learn words from other languages, so that they can say hello and goodbye, for example.

In the end, as well as lots of hugs, there was a promise to return in a fortnight’s time to explore other aspects, such as dance and music, in this effective process of interculturality, which will be extended to other institutions in the school’s catchment area.


We share some of José Carlos Marques |CMPV’s photos with students Akeelah Mendes, Ritika Mahato, social worker Andreia Teixeira and dozens of users of the Aver-o-Mar Occupational Centre and their carers, whom we thank for their willingness to receive us.

Campaign “April, a month to raise awareness of abuse” comes to a Close

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Campaign “April, a month to raise awareness of abuse” comes to a Close


As it does every year, the Aver-o-Mar School Group once again embraced the campaign to raise awareness of child abuse, which took place throughout the month of April as part of an initiative by the CPCJ.

This year, we had the collaboration of the students, teachers and operational assistants from the Learning Support Centre (CAA), and their delivery was excellent, with 50 balloons being filled 😉.

As the month draws to a close, we present one of the initiatives, but each of us must continue to pay attention to this cause.

As with many other actions, it’s up to us to make a difference.

Aver-o-Mar School celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution!

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Aver-o-Mar School celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution!


On April 24, at 9.30 a.m., the radio broadcasts a message warning the population to remain calm. Something is happening!

You go out into the street, hear the symbolic “Grândola Vila Morena” by Zeca Afonso, and the troops enter on stage!

In a unique moment, amidst the noise of the crowd, poems are recited, songs are sung, carnations are handed out, symbols of resistance and hope, and speeches are made for freedom.

The walls express everyone’s feelings about this day. Something that, in other times, would have been unthinkable.

We remember what couldn’t be done during the dictatorship and appeal, at a time when memory seems to be weak and wavering, not to forget history.

We emphasise that democracy, despite all its flaws, is the only regime that allows us to grow and evolve as a society.


Long live freedom!

Long live democracy!

Long live the 25th of April!



School Board of Direction

Communication Club

AverTeatro Club

Health and Civil Protection Club

School Library

CAA students and teachers (making paper carnations)

Speech teachers: Ana Maria Fernandes, Fernanda Silva, Paula Santos and Isabel Pessoa

Teacher Olga Carvalho and 7th grade students

Teacher Patrícia Guedes for the panel “Expressing Freedom” and the students’ work

Daminik Butsen, 9thA; Manuel Morais, 9thF; Beatriz Oliveira, 9thD and Sara Cortesão, 7thD, for their poems, which are displayed in the pavilions.

Teachers and operational assistants who joined the choir to sing

Inês Loureiro, 9thC, for the poster and her participation

Renato Moreira, 9thA, for recording the radio programme

Alícia Lourenço and Francisca Garrido (9thB) for the photos

Inês Sencadas, Gonçalo Fernandes (9thB); Lara Gomes and Patrick Fontes (9thC) for distributing the carnations

Guardian of Gabriela Dias (9th grade) – carnations